Sunday, November 4, 2012

2012 Blog for Peace

I cannot believe that it is November 4 already.  My goal was to write more than I did last year, but I haven't done it.  However, I will share what comes to me today about Peace.

I am all about Peace, and I maintain my very short Peace blog from last year that all Peace begins within each person.  I see this all around me,  in my day to day wanderings on 4th year pharmacy rotations, in society, in politics, especially this year with the presidential race coming to a close.  I feel strongly that those who finger point and wish to control other people's lives are not feeling very peaceful and content within their own lives.  I know, for me, that once I found my internal Peace, and remember how to find it if I forget (I'm human), my life has been far less about making other people happy or wondering if I am doing the right thing in other's eyes, and much more about basking in the flow of life and loving each moment and the miracles it brings.  The more in the flow, the more miracles.  Life is a miracle, and everything in life is a miracle.  

I wish this internal Peace for every single person on this planet, this Peace in their hearts, the Love and Joy of being alive.  I spread my arms open wide to share my own Heart and the Love I have for Life.  May this plant one of billions of seeds for our planet and Universe.  May we all breathe this in and may the planet breathe a Peaceful sigh of relief!