Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Enhanced by the Light - Prep Day 2 12/11/12

I am very excited about the arrival of my Vitamix today - any minute now!  I have been to the store to stock up on some fresh green leafy veggies and some fruit to get started.  The checkout lady's comment was, "Do you always eat so healthy?"  All I was buying in this trip was the stuff for the green smoothies and soups that I'll be adding into my daily routine officially starting tomorrow, but I'll be experimenting later today when my Vitamix arrives.  I told the lady that this is a boost to our already healthy diet as I'm experimenting with green smoothies.  I didn't go into anything about the Light or purification, or other stuff that probably isn't necessary in the checkout line.  The total for about 4 days' worth of smoothie makings came to $47.47, which I noted include my two favorite single digit numbers.

An even nerdier immediate observation came next, that 4+7 is 11, and 11 is a Master Number in numerology, the most intuitive number of them all.  It represents illumination; a channel to the subconscious; insight without rational thought; and sensitivity, nervous energy, shyness, and impracticality.   It is a dreamer.

Then, of course, since there are two 4's and two 7's, this creates a 22, which is the other Master Number in numerology.   22 is the most powerful of all numbers and is often called the Master Builder, turning the most ambitious of dreams into reality, and is potentially the most successful of all numbers.  22 contains many of the inspirational insights of 11, along with the practicality and methodology of the 4.  Unlimited, yet disciplined.  It sees the archetype and brings it down to earth in a material form.  It represents big ideas, great plans, idealism, leadership, and enormous self-confidence.

Needless to say, I see this as solid confirmation of my decision to pursue this green smoothie Light purification thing from 12/12 to 12/21.

In wanting to keep things simple, I am not going to adjust much else of my already healthy diet, thus this is not a fast.  I have decided that I will not partake of my daily coffee during this time nor my planned single red meat consumption for December,  and I will eliminate those news sources on my Twitter account that impart fear-based news.  I know these may seem like small adjustments, however, my food diet is already very clean, as is my diet of mainstream media, news, negativity.  So, these are additional tweaks that I see as manageable yet potentially challenging.  More may become apparent as I jump in.

My dear hubby, Richard, vacuumed the downstairs floor for my restart of the Five Tibetan Yoga.  So, in terms of preparation, I feel I am ready!

As of today, I have lost (at least) 50 lb since the summer of 2010, so big celebration!  No better way that I can see than to ramp up the health and good feeling!

The sun appears to be at its peak - a good time to get out there and walk while it's out and receive it's amazing energy.  Still no Vitamix, but I can get out there and move a bit and maybe when I get back??

Tomorrow is Day 1 and I am ready!

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