Thursday, December 13, 2012

Enhanced by the Light Day 2 12-13-12

Ah, much better after a night's sleep. A little sore from the yoga from yesterday, but it's a good sore.  Also my head feels a little "woozy", but I think that's because it's actually more clear than usual without the caffeine.  No headache.

I realized that I was hoping to re-share my Council of 12 story on the 12th.  I forgot.  Instead I will share it today on the the 13th, which works just as well, since it involved them and me, and that makes 13.  The information linked from this blog post indicates two major turning points in my life, probably the two most major, at least when it comes to existential awareness and making decisions.  Here's a link to get caught up: Stephanie's Council of Twelve Recalling.

Council of 12

I guess they ARE sitting here - they weren't in my dream

I haven't had much conscious contact with the Council since that time - mostly my life has been on overdrive in it's newest direction with all of the implications of that: new man, new marriage, new home, empty nesting, clearing out most of the past, new kitties, more new kitties.  My dreams have been odd yet vague, with the focus of my conscious awareness on memorizing drugs and indications, interactions, therapeutics, and everything else in pharmacy school.

However, last night I had an interesting dream, well several, but the most clear involved my former husband's (we were married for 13 years, been divorced for 12) new wife.  She was asking me how my relationship with him has been since the divorce.  I described to her that I felt that he shut me out, isn't communicating, and I don't know what's going on.  This all makes sense on a conscious level. Considering I was the one who instigated the divorce and essentially shut him out, then it's natural on a personality level for him to do the same thing.  After I described this to her, my former husband showed up in her place. He was holding a glowing white key about the size and shape of a piano key.  He told me that it is the key to their house and that I could use it any time to let the cat in or see whatever I wanted to see.  He then hugged me and I burst into tears on his shoulder.  He was very compassionate and nurturing.  Most dreams I have with him in them, we are yakking and laughing up a storm about the boys, and very friendly.  His wife is always there and friendly too.  So, I know on a soul level, all is well, and that translates, at least for me, that the personalities are doing just fine.

There are a few interpretations of a key in a dream.  I have no conscious desire to know about their lives, aside from the knowledge (or trust) that they are doing well.  So, perhaps the key, rather than representing the ability to open the door to their house, represents the ability for me to more solidly close the door on that chapter of my life, with his soul blessing. It could also be a key of greater understanding - I mean it was big, white and glowing!  We will see if there's more as time moves along.

It is time to get going on the day -
Already we have had our breakfast: soy yogurt smoothie with berries, granola, chia seeds, flax, and walnuts.

Already we have had our morning green smoothie: pear, blueberries, kale, and parsley.

Now it's time for some Tibetans, then a walk, then more errands and tasks, then LUNCH (can't forget lunch!) then another smoothie, more Tibetans, dinner, short walk...

That's it for now - potentially more later in the day as things get going.
Blessed Light-filled Day!  Looks like a sunny one!

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