Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Enhanced by the Light 12/12/12 Day 1

Day 1:

I remembered after I posted yesterday's blog that I am planning to eliminate carbonated beverages along with the daily coffee intake.  So there, I said it.  A carbonated beverage for me usually consists of a stevia-sweetened soda of some sort.  My favorite is Virgil's zero root beer.  Runner up is Zevia products, mainly ginger ale, "cola", sometimes root beer and citrus.  Nevertheless, I won't be partaking for the next 10 days.

Last night after we picked up the newly spayed kitties from the vet hospital and my VitaMix finally arrived, I made Richard and myself a tangy vegetable soup - it was yummy!  However, we didn't sleep super great last night - most likely due to having the kittens in the bedroom with us while they heal, or maybe due to the vegetable-dense bedtime snack.  Not sure.

Shakti and Shanti pre-surgery, November 2012

I will post recipes tomorrow since my energy is pretty low right now.  This is likely due to my lack of caffeine, although I haven't ever felt like this on a day without caffeine, so I think it's more likely due to a combo of things.  I felt pretty great for most of the day; it looked like this:

6:00 up with Richard, made us breakfast: spinach-garlic frittata, millet toast with avocado
Richard and me in Santa Fe a couple weeks ago, hiking on Thanksgiving Day
6:30: made our morning green smoothie with banana, a couple apples, spinach, sent Richard on his way, smoothie in hand

8:08: Five Tibetans, which felt pretty good.  They look like this, except this is not me:

Then immediately into about 15 reps of alternate nostril breathing, which looks like this (this is not me, either):

9:09 after yoga  I went to check on healing kitties.  One of them was not feeling so great so I took a snuggly kitten nap with her.

3.5 mile walk during 10:10

11:11 - not sure what I was doing, probably finishing up my walk n stuff.  Oh yeah, I think I had some pumpkin mixed in some soy yogurt, which ended up being my lunch.

12:12 - I was in the middle of an hour-long meditation that was deeply relaxing and energizing.  Russill Paul chants, lovely!  Had some cool visions and sensations.

13:13 - After the meditation I got to work getting loose ends completed: filling out paperwork for insurance reimbursement for the kittens' procedures from yesterday, plus paperwork to the kitty adoption people to prove that we spayed.  Paid a couple bills, then spent a couple of hours completing my recertification paperwork for my Dipl. OM.  This isn't due until August, however the next half year is going to be very full of finishing rotations, graduating, studying for the NAPLEX and law exams, and finding a pharmacy job, and restarting my acupuncture business.  Better to get this paperwork done, now, while I have un-pressured time.

I also got super psyched about creating a super yummy chocolate almond "milk" drink in my VitaMix - recipe tomorrow!

3:03 After that was complete I started to feel pretty crummy; nauseous and dizzy - I realized I hadn't eaten much solid food today and no caffeine... so I decided to do my second round of Tibetans.  I made it through them, and felt better briefly.  Then decided to make a small frozen fruit yogurt thing, with the thought that some natural sugars might help.  They didn't.

By the time Richard got home I was feeling pretty crummy, and felt that what I needed was some solid food.  I made our dinner:  Black bean and sweet corn Tres Pupusas with homemade green chile, some avocado and a spinach salad.  It was delicious, and yes I am feeling much better.  I think we're going to skip our evening green smoothie.

Hooray for Pupusas!

I had many cool thoughts about Light today, which I will let gel before I put them into words - mostly cuz I'm feeling tired.  What I am grateful for today is all of the amazing sunshine and feeling really really good for most of the day, for resting and relaxing AND getting some important things done.  I am also super grateful to not be in the middle of finals right now.  This is a first in a very long time.

6:06: I will close with a post I woke up to this morning.  Perhaps if the planet's chakras and ley lines were very open and active today, I may have been feeling this, too, on an energetic level.

Sai Maa has recently spoken of the massive amounts of photon energy that will be entering the planet on 12-12-12. All of the Chakras and ley lines of the planet will be very open and active. Maa will be offering a very specific and important work for the planet the entire day and specifically at 12pm. 

This energy will shake all of those that are in resentment and anger. We are to tap into the infinite power of love and compassion within our heart and be pillars of light for the unfoldment of the Golden Age. This is the time we have be waiting for. Let us be in and with the light as much as possible at this magnificent time.

Let's hear it for the Light and for Abundant Love!  Tomorrow's a new day!  I call today a success - I'm pretty lenient - :-)  Grateful to be alive!!

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