Monday, December 10, 2012

Enhanced by the Light - Prep 12/10/12

It is December 10, 2012... already!  Where did this year go?  I know for me it has been consumed with the final semester, 3rd year of pharmacy school, and the first 5 rotations of the 4th year.  Now I have a break, a breather from the incessant cramming of drug information into my brain, and preparing for and giving presentations, and have a chance to reconnect more fully with my less thinking self that has been there all along, just subdued in the background whilst I plunge forward my existence in the third dimension and duality.

I do believe that all of the meditation and preparation in the previous decades with the healing, awareness, enlightening moments and life shifts have helped me immensely through the seemingly unbalanced nature of pharmacy school and all of the changes that have occurred over the past few years.  I am still me, the eternal optimist, full of Hope and Light, bringing my Presence into each place I go and each rotation I am on, making the connections I am to make, trusting that I am still doing this program with my bigger purpose on this planet in mind (even if it might be subconscious, especially regarding where pharmacy fits in, at the moment).

I still awaken every morning very grateful to be alive and to have the opportunity to live each moment in Love and Joy.  I am still here and my life feels very full of Grace.

Having said all of that, I am still perfectly human, and am excited to experiment with what I posted this morning on Facebook:

So interesting - yesterday I decided I am going to use the time between 12/12 and 12/21 to increase my daily intake of green smoothies (which enhances our cell ability to absorb light) and focus energy and mindfulness on Light with the Five Tibetans. The first post I saw this morning (linked below) confirms this thought into action. December has always been a time of deep reflection for me, with looking at the year previous, releasing all of it and making room for the joys and intentions in the new year. This year I feel called to contemplate more than just the year's events and growth, but perhaps even a deeper look into duality in this lifetime, and the ability to let it go. I'm sure more will become clear in the next couple of days as I prepare. There are some great ideas for purifying here: Deb Kern's Raising Your Vibration.

I had just ordered my VitaMixer, finally after weeks of deliberation, and had been entertaining the thought of doing a juice fast the first couple of weeks of January to cleanse and purify.  This was after being inspired by the movie "Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead".

And, yes, I know I am not fat (anymore), nor am I sick or nearly dead; however the story was very inspiring.  There's always improvement to be made.  I've focussed very much on physically improving myself.  I've lost nearly 50 pounds since the summer of 2010 (at least measured).  I have about 10 pounds to go to the high end of the normal weight range, and around 30 to go to my goal weight since I want to maintain well within my normal weight range.  I have used several strategies to get here, the most useful one being tracking through Weight Watchers, being mindful of portions.  I also eliminated wheat and gluten about 1.5 years ago to help ease inflammation - with great results!  Recently I've also eliminated all dairy products, including nonfat dairy yogurt due to the inflammatory properties of dairy. Due to a recent discussion with a dietician who helps educate on diet according APOE genetic results, I've been attempting to find ways to make vegetables the focus of each meal, with supportive protein and carbs.  So, like I said, very physically focussed - and I do feel great, and love that my clothes are looser and the pain I was experiencing has been greatly reduced.

Now that I'm on break from pharmacy rotations and have some nurturing time, I am suddenly fully cognizant that this month and this year, and the much anticipated "end of the world" is upon us, days away!  It has been fascinating to observe and witness the spectrum of speculation in society about this auspicious time.  There are so many many theories.  I am amazed to learn that there are folks who still feel strongly that it's the end of the physical world with mass destruction and mass exodus of life from the planet.  Unfortunately this is causing many young and old people to take their own lives in desperation or hopelessness.  This seems pretty senseless, especially since not a whole lot has happened in a world-wide devastation sense, yet.  It is also senseless for people to react negatively if the opposite doesn't happen as they expect (like a rapture or ascension).

I am more of the thought process that if something "happens" it is going to be much more of a conscious awareness shift out of the "old", mainly duality, into the "new", which is Unity consciousness.  From my time-space perspective (and how could I not have one living in this reality?) it seems as though this kind of shift would take time.  And it has.  And it will. Things have been shifting for awhile, mainly in the individuals which make up societies.  Change takes place one heart at a time.

I recently witnessed a very short conversation regarding 12/21/12... it was in the middle of a flow of conversation ranging from the future of compounding pharmacy and regulation, to education, to politics, and other random societal things.  It went kind of like this: "The end of the world is coming on Dec. 21", "No, I'm sure it's the 22nd", "Well, whenever, it's the end of the world they say."  Then a silence. 
 Then the next topic.

My thoughts filled that brief silence, not my words.  What I wanted to say, but did not was, "So, say it IS the end of the world, whatever that means to you, does that change anything for you today, this moment?  Would you make a different decision, or say different things? Would you do something you might not otherwise?  The silence was interesting - it's almost as if it's so close there's not much one can say about it, but just wait and see what happens, if anything.

My answers to those questions are mainly "no, I would not do anything differently."  I have changed my life over the past couple of decades to truly have no regrets and to be living my life from my heart.  Sure, I might inform and remind people that I love them and to thank them for being parts of my life, and helping me learn and grow through them.  

My focus now is the light, especially at this time of year, as the light wanes by the minute.  The sunshine is brief and I am grateful to live in such a sunny place, even if the days are short.  For me, if anything is going to happen this month, I want to be as prepared as possible.  This does not mean physically.  I am not going to gather items to make sure I survive any physical calamity, rather I feel called to focus on increasing my connection to my Source, increasing my vibratory state higher and higher in order to resonate even more with greater dimensions, and view the darkness of the third dimension and duality through an ever narrowing telescope. 

How am I going to do this?

1) With the help of my new VitaMixer (arrives tomorrow) beginning 12/12 prepare three daily specific green smoothies, puddings, or soups to bathe my cells in the utmost nutrition and ability to absorb light from the Sun.  I cannot describe the buzz my cells are feeling as I read over the smoothie recipes.
2) Every day complete 21 repetitions of the Five Tibetans twice each day
3) Meditate on Light and Ascension inspiring guided meditations or music
4) I have already eliminated gluten and dairy, most sugar, so the only real vice left is caffeine in my daily cup of coffee, so yes, I will stop the cup of coffee every day.  Not much else will change in my diet, except that the smoothie, pudding or soup will replace the cup of coffee and one meal and one snack.
5) I have already eliminated most idleness, newspaper, television, chat... what remains is computer and a little mindless game time.  I'll have to meditate and see what reducing that might look like and set that goal.
6) Focus on only Love, Joy, and Hope and journal on it.  I know that each day is going to have a theme  that will be revealed in the day.

More things might occur to me in the next day in preparation, however I definitely want to keep it simple.  If you've read this far, will you join me in this endeavor?  If you're interested, let me know!

Love, Joy and Abundant Blessings,


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