Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Enhanced by the Light Days 7 and 8, 12-19-12

This video is worth taking the 43 minutes to watch.  It may be challenging on many levels, or it may not be.   What he kept saying would make people angry, didn't make me angry.  The concept of "synthetic light" is new to me, though.  It also helps explain my own personal movement away from the "mainstream" New Age movement.  Kind of a strange oxymoron "mainstream New Age".  Hmm.  I definitely found the information and transformation and healing within the New Age, or New Thought (Religious Science) movement very helpful in learning about myself and learning many techniques to aid in healing, especially at an emotional level.  I realized through it all that it IS an organized religion, with doctrines as George V. talks about in this Youtube video, and I had an awareness and a bit of repelling to the "big" and getting bigger Luminaries, many of whom are hosting events throughout the world on Friday to bring light in... Very very very interesting.

Interesting, partly because yesterday, as part of my Enhanced by the Light intention, I had a dear acupuncturist friend do an Antakarana (Rainbow Bridge) acutreatment on me, to help stimulate my pineal gland (which George V. indicates is an artificial implant in all of us), and enhance whatever is to be enhanced by the light.  We also played with tuning forks for Om, pineal activation, and manifesting, as well as her beautiful Tibetan singing bowl.  I felt very relaxed afterward... I was pretty relaxed going in, but was even more so afterward, which is a great effect of acupuncture and allowing oneself to be nurtured, regardless of the intention of the treatment.

For me, personally, much of the healing and balancing of the chakras has taken place (George V.'s concept of not having his chakras anymore is interesting, too).  My kundalini was activated beginning in 2000, and supercharged in 2005, and I feel a lot of karma has been resolved since this time.  I completely resonate with his feeling as though he's living in Grace.  He had a cool term for it, which I was going to share, but watch the video and you'll hear it.  For the past few years I feel I've been in a holding pattern, sharing my Light through my Heart.  Learning more about Heart energy, not Heart chakra, but the large and small torroidal fields around the Heart, and living from that, rather than from fear, or from my mind.

He is right in that there is dogma, even if not acknowledged, in the New Age/Thought world, and the true place to be is within your own heart, not giving power away to this one or that one, or to fear or to all of the conflicting information that we are bombarded with daily, no matter how sheltered we are.  Isn't this what I've been saying all along?  The main truth is for each of us to be authentically true to ourselves, through our hearts, and share our lights fully, from our hearts, no matter what day it is.

I still feel the Antakarana treatment was right for me to do for myself.  Mostly an experiment, and I really like that one of the points used helped to activate the higher aspects of the heart chakra - which I'm going to translate to the fields around the heart (just in case my chakras are gone, too).  And, you can't beat the sound of Om, to deeply connect with Mother Earth and all that is.

Our Solstice ceremony this year is going to be very subdued, and similar to the ones my mother and I have done over the past 10-12 years, including Richard in the past few years.  An intentional release of the things that we are ready to let go of, burned up in the fire.  This is very freeing.  Then setting our intentions for the next year cycle, or maybe in this case, the next 13,000 year cycle.  :-) It's what we've always done, and it helps to free our hearts and minds to better connect with ourselves and live our lives more fully.  I've learned over the years that the less defined my intentions are, and the less attached to specific outcomes I am, the happier I am with whatever and with what is.  I am very content with living an intended Heart-centered life full of Grace and True Joy, to live fully from my Heart.  I'll leave the details up to Life.

I have not been drawn to be anywhere more spectacular than my own cozy home with my cozy husband on this Dawn of a New Age.  This is the life I've created for myself, through loving myself and my Life, and expressing my Authentic Self through my Heart.  What better place to celebrate and share light from our hearts with Mother Earth?

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