Saturday, December 18, 2010

Happiness in Divine Grace

Daily Thought for Tuesday, January 20, 2009

by Master Djwhal Khul

May all beings everywhere be happy this day and may they come to know the divine grace which brought forth the consciousness we all share.

Happiness is a state of being we can all obtain.  What is it exactly?  Can we be happy ALL the time?  I think if we are 'happy' all the time, we are not being fully authentically human.  This does not mean that we shouldn't have a general sense of contentment and easy access to experiencing joy.  We are human beings, sentient beings who feel, who emote, who experience being in this three dimensional world in our physical bodies.  If we tap into whatever emotion is going on for us, move through it, learn from it as we can, we can feel what waits for us on the other side of that emotion, whether it be neutral peace, or a feeling of joy, Divine Grace.

I hope that everyone will take some moments today to really tap into and remember what makes them feel happy, whether it's a walk by the river, being present with a child, having a great conversation with a friend, gaining a new insight, meditating, dancing, singing, playing an instrument, loving. Whatever it looks like, do it and shift your world and the world.  For me today it is a dip in the hot springs, a visit with a friend, presence with my son, writing, celebrating the new president, and enjoying the sunshine.  I look forward to all of it and it is already putting a smile on my face.  Enjoy the Grace!

Abundant Blessings,
Stephanie the LyonHearted One

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