Saturday, December 18, 2010

Wondrous Wallpaper

The Wall at the End of the Hall

I bought this house with much upgrading and a fair amount of remodeling needed most of which was discovered after the purchase.  One of the very minor repairs was to do something about the hideous wallpaper that I'd inherited with the house.   Some of the more major items drew my attention first, like $1200 in plumbing within the first two weeks as well as a couple of bathroom remodels, etc. as house projects tend to multiply.  Thus it took a few years for me to really contemplate this wallpaper.

The day I decided to begin, my thought was that I would peel the wallpaper and sand the underlying wall, and then paint it a nice neutral color, and be able to forget about it.  Anything would be an improvement.  I began to pick at the paper.  It came off the wall in tiny bit by frustrating tiny bit.  At that time I was not aware of, nor could I have really afforded, the fancy chemical goo and puncturing tool that might have aided me immensely in this endeavor.  After a few minutes of the tedium, I decided to take the lazy person's way out, and simply sand down the edges of the paper, and paint over the wall, paper and all.  Which is precisely what I did.  At least the hideous had been neutralized.

Shoot ahead a couple of years and no further thoughts had passed about the wallpaper at the end of the hall.  It was covered and many other house projects prevailed.  One day, my middle son, in a fit of early-teen combativeness decided that it was time for me to address the house.  He proceeded to pull off the framework around the area where I'd painted, thus exposing the wallpaper underneath for a thin strip along the edge.  I was not in the mindset at the time for home repair, and was able to stop the entire demolition of the wall.  However, for the next couple of years that little edge of wallpaper reminded me that I still had much to do for the house before I felt comfortable selling when the time came.

Several months ago I decided it was finally time to complete the task of getting the house ready to put on the market, in order to downsize and begin simplifying my life as the boys continue branching out on their own life journeys.  Given that decision, the painted wallpaper wall was back in my full awareness.

One morning, I was awakened very early, by 4:30am, which was unusual for me, and I could not get back to sleep.  After I laid in bed for awhile, I decided to get out of bed to use the bathroom and get an early beginning to the day.  At that time, since there was lots of work to be done on the house, including reattaching the master bathroom toilet to the floor, I was using the main hall bathroom as my main bath.  So I opened my bedroom door, walked into the hallway, and saw a stray corner of the wallpaper.  I was compellingly drawn to the piece of wallpaper and had a huge urge to lean way over and pull on it.  So, I did in my fog stupor.

As I pulled at the stray edge, the entire strip came up, easily and effortlessly.  I was astounded as I stood there pulling this wallpaper so very easily.  I thought to myself that I could so easily pull the entire wall of paper down in just a few moments.  However, my bladder was requesting my attention and I left the paper hanging, about one-third of the way removed thinking that I would finish later after I'd gotten going on my day.

I went about my morning routine, had my coffee and breakfast, went for a walk, took a shower, and proceeded to get ready to work at one of the offices.  On my last pass through past the wall to get my shoes for work, I thought I'd finish up the quick and easy job and gave the dangling wallpaper a tug.  It wouldn't budge.  It was just as tough as it had been for all of those years and maybe even before.  Very perplexed, I finished getting ready and got in the car, and asked my Guides, "What was that all about?"

I immediately received the answer.  Awakening early in the morning, I was not fully in my physical body and was functioning more so in my astral body.  As I approached the wallpaper and the wall, I was addressing "them" on "their" astral levels, more than the physical level.  I was thus able to manipulate the paper easily and effortlessly in the very malleable astral plane.  And later, as I had come more into my concrete mind and my physical body, I was once again addressing the paper and wall in the physical realm, and it had become difficult.

There is a huge lesson there for me.  I have been shifting my attention to Life being easy; to not feeling as though I need to do everything myself and to allow help in.  Apparently my "help" also comes from the non-physical.  Well, I knew that already.  Also, the ability to manipulate in the etheric is something to definitely keep in mind.

Sure enough a couple days later, I was up early, not quite AS early as that first morning.  My first thought was to finish the wallpaper job.  I got up, went into the hall, grabbed the wallpaper and so very easily pulled the rest off.  It took only a few minutes.  I was so grateful and I AM so grateful to have had this experience.  What an amazing lesson to have learned and to incorporate into my practices of prosperity, ease, and alchemy!

There is more about this little wall in this house, and that is coming up in another segment!

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