Sunday, December 19, 2010

The Ultimate Duality: Love and Fear

Spring 2008
The other day my sister brought my awareness to a commercial that she'd seen on CNN. I don't watch television or read the newspaper, making the choice to divert my attention elsewhere, in more positive endeavors.

The commercial she saw described a "star" that we on this planet will be able to see both day and night, and that this star is significant, and to call a 1-800 number for more information.
When she told me about this I felt an uneasy knot in my stomach, and asked her for more information. She realized that she could rewind to the commercial and get the number. With that I Googled the number and arrived at several blogs and discussion posts regarding this very commercial that had also been an ad in the Wall Street Journal.

The short version is that this "star" to be seen is the planet Venus, which will be bright enough at the end of March, 2009, to be seen both during the day and in the night. From there, opinions diverge completely as to what meaning there is about this event. Apparently it is the arrival of Lord Maitreya. And, depending on the source of the discussion group, the arrival of Lord Maitreya either signifies the arrival of the Anti-Christ, and is to be feared and avoided, or might actually be the answer to our prayers for Peace on the planet and is to be embraced with open hearts and arms. On one of the discussion groups convinced this is the Anti-Christ, there was a long list of pictures of the Anti-Christ, and many of them are Ascended Masters, if not all.
The Ascended Masters have been speaking to us, as have the benevolent extra-terrestrials, and showing us the way to our own intuitions and guiding our lives by our hearts. Interestingly, as we discover what is contained within the Gnostic Gospels, the Book of Mary, the Book of Thomas, and others, which were not included with the other books in the Bible, the message there is to trust your own intuition and to follow your heart in the land of discerning Good vs. Evil.

So, I can see how those who follow their interpretation of the Bible as it is written might see the coming of the spiritual and consciousness masters as a threat or an "anti-Christ", or against the Christ as they know Christ.
It seems to me that the Second Coming of Christ is already upon us, and that is that each individual is opening to their Christ center within themselves and raising to higher Christ-like frequencies. They are opening to their God-selves, and sharing love in a way our planet has not yet seen, except through brief examples in the energy of Jesus Christ. This is definitely not out of fear of the wrath of an angry God, but out of Love for God and Love for all of life and for the greater conscious awareness and evolution on this planet.

If indeed this is the marking of the arrival of "Lord Maitreya", which could easily be simply a higher vibration of existence, then may we all tap into our own knowing and connection with the Divine and know, without a doubt, how we are to respond. It seems apparent that the response will be clearly either one of fear or one of Love, and it is up to each individual's path of how each will respond. And it is also up to each individual's path to chose without judging others' choices on their paths. For those on a conscious path it is a reminder, whether something happens in March or not, to continually endeavor to choose Love in all circumstances, to contemplate and act on the most loving response in all interactions and with all sentient beings, regardless of their individual paths.

This seems to be more important than ever right now.

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