Saturday, December 18, 2010

Magnificence Incarnating in the Flesh

Daily Thought for Saturday, January 24, 2009
by Master Djwhal Khul
May I hold well this day the unfolding Mystery of the Divine infusing the mundane, of Spirit indwelling matter, of Magnificence incarnating in flesh.

Of course this comes along on a day when I am not feeling so magnificent, but instead a bit overwhelmed by everything going on in my life.  And it's not that there is anything "bad" going on, just a few reality checks, that yes, I am still a parent of a teenager who needs a slight tweak in direction and needs his mother to come back to Earth, that yes, my future is still relatively uncertain as to where I'll be going to school, and where my next abode is, and how it's all going to manifest exactly.  And, yes, that I am taking a crazy microeconomics class that I am trying to feel enthused about, and yes, that I need to buckle down and pay my taxes, and look at the reality of last year's self-employment income.  I far prefer to dwell in the observer detached mode. 

All of these things that I am doing and experiencing are opportunities to shine my magnificent self, express as my own unique being, to remember to return to trusting in the Universe that supports me and always has.  To release the hows and the whys, to reconnect to my Divinity, and check in with everyone else's Divinity.  To remember we are here to Love, to find compassion for ourselves and for others.  To connect with the Indwelling Joy that is ever present when we choose to recognize and embrace it.

My goals today:  1) To note the Mystery of the Divine in the mundane.  My life is a continuous string of miracles, and today is no different. 2) To remember the Spirit indwelling in matter in all thing and beings, and 3) to remember and celebrate and express the Magnificence of my own being that has incarnated in this flesh.

I am peaceful, powerful and poised, for I know who I am.
S.A. Lyonheart :-)

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